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Welcoming back Ossining Innovates! for their incredible Ideation Bootcamp for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

The Ideation Bootcamp will include:

-              Introduction to the IDEATE Method: Learn a structured approach to generating and evaluating business ideas.

-              Problem Identification: Master the skill of distinguishing between symptoms and root causes to define and articulate problems effectively.

-              Idea Generation: Use the IDEATE Box to capture and assess ideas through the Discover, Enhance, and Anticipate lenses.

-              Evaluating Opportunities: Understand how to size the market opportunity, build value for multiple parties, and identify key stakeholders who will buy, use, and benefit from your ideas.

Testimonials from Past Participants:

“Ideation Bootcamp was an exciting and eye-opening experience. Having experts such as Abby and Henry guiding me through the process of identifying an idea for a business has been a privilege. They kept me on my toes throughout the entire process, providing quality feedback and suggestions on how to proceed whenever I got stuck. This is a great program to get your ‘feet wet’ before you embark on a lifelong journey of creating your own business.” – Adrian Valiejo, Taken Online: Jan. 2023

“The collaborative workshop environment offered by the IDEATE Bootcamp is a great way to develop the skillset needed to identify an idea that you might bring to fruition. I learned how to ask the right questions and use my creativity in new ways, and it was a privilege to get to learn from such skilled and experienced facilitators. I highly recommend everyone benefit from this unique course!” – Daniel Blake, Taken Online: Jan. 2023

“I did the IDEATE class last summer as an opportunity to explore an idea I had to advance healthcare for seniors. How to put your ideas on paper and to explore all the possibilities … one idea that could continue to generate new thoughts for new businesses. The team was incredibly supportive; they provide you with the tools you need. If you have an idea, any idea that you’ve been tossing around, take the class … I left very impressed.” – Wendy Marrero, Hybrid: August 2023 


Returning to the Ossining Riverworks Coworking Space! The next Ideate Bootcamp will be held on July 20 from 10a-5p in person and August 7, 6-9pm via zoom.

Join Us at the next Ideation Bootcamp

Whether you have a fledgling idea or are seeking inspiration to start a new venture, the Ideation Bootcamp provides the guidance, tools, and community support to help you succeed. Don't let uncertainty hold you back—take the first step towards your entrepreneurial dreams today!

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