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30 State Street

Ossining Riverworks historic photo mount pleasant military academy

Built in 1830, when the Village was referred to only as Sing Sing, 30 State Street has a storied history. 

In 1946, the building became home to Doctor George Hill, the first black physician in Ossining, and a quintessential part of this community and the diversity that we all celebrate. George Hill was a founder, member, president, and dreamer for numerous local organizations, and his legacy continues even today. Dr. Hill's dreams to give medical access to a distinctly underserved community is credited for the rise and growth of the Phelps Hospital Open Door medical access program. Known locally as the Hill House, 30 State Street has been well preserved with original fireplaces, mantles, stairs, floors, windows, stained glass, and more remaining on the interior. It is a standing relic of one person whose hard work and dedication still live today. 

In the 1980's, the house was converted for office use, and has been the home to the Ossining Chamber of Commerce and other local business ever since. Ossining Riverworks seeks to be far more than offices; it is a home to a working community - or better yet - a community working together.

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