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Who We Are

Greg and Becca

Ossining Riverworks started as a dream built on a love story. All it took was a few fleeting moments: a trip to a local farm, a boat ride on the Hudson, a heartwarming pile of supplies and toys from local parents while we recovered from Covid. These moments tell the love story of Greg, Becca, and little Jonah Young (and now baby Rachel!) finding their roots.
From the first fall morning waking up in their new Hudson Valley home, Becca and Greg wanted to jump headfirst in the warm and welcoming local community. Ossining Riverworks is the next step in joining and growing that community. 


Moshe (or Mo) and Greg have been working together, drifting closer as friends, for the past ten years. Working alongside each other and watching their families and careers grow side by side has created a trust and respect that is rare to find in this world. Mo is also a talented real estate agent and developer, with some special talents in accounting and developing human connections. 
Though Mo lives in Teaneck, NJ with his family, it only took one visit to Ossining to feel how special this place is, only one walk through 30 State Street to say "where do I sign up". Any time Greg has to break the news about a new surprise or challenge, Mo responds with the same answer - "When our grandchildren are working together in this building 60 years from now, these minor challenges won't even be a memory." This is the love Mo shows for what we are building at Ossining Riverworks.

Downtown Ossining has been revitalized. People want to be here. We want to have our local coffee, shop at the farmers market, maybe some fresh ice cream at the waterfront. An equally communal working environment is the next stage in the progress of our little v

Here is a blogpost from Suburban Jungle about Greg and Rebecca's journey to Ossining:
Finding Their "Balance" in the Hudson Valley


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