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Welcome to
Ossining Riverworks

Experience second-to-none coworking in a restored 1830 mansion overlooking the Hudson River. Join us for flexible workspaces, modern amenities, and a vibrant community.

Experience the Future of Coworking at Ossining Riverworks

Historic restorations in our beautiful home
Views of the hudson river

Step into a new era of collaboration and innovation at Ossining Riverworks. Our coworking space blends modern amenities with historic charm to create an environment where businesses thrive and connections flourish. Join us and experience the future of coworking in Ossining.


What Is Co-working?

30 State Street

Set in a stunning 1830 riverview mansion, Ossining Riverworks aims to be the premier coworking community for Ossining and the surrounding towns.  From private offices to open workspace, from personal privacy pods to meeting and conference rooms, Ossining Riverworks combines the flexibility of modern amenities with the deep history that quite literally surrounds us.  
Our dream is to share and thrive together in a way that we can blur the differences between a working community and a community working together.

Old photo, circa 1900. Students playing football in the snow. The stately 30 State Street "Hill House" is visible in the background. Photograph courtesy of the Mount Pleasant Military Academy


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