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Why Are Our Offices Better Than Rentals?

When comparing coworking offices with "old fashioned" office rentals, it is important to consider a few factors......

large river view office coworking flexwork private office


comparing coworking to rent overhead

Renting a dedicated "traditional" office space comes with added costs, including rent, utilities, internet, printing, and even coffee/water expenses. In contrast, Riverworks offices provide a cost-effective solution as they offer all-inclusive packages that encompass amenities like high-speed internet, utilities, printing, kitchenettes (with coffee, filtered water, and flatware/utensils), and shared indoor/outdoor spaces. We even offer furnishing options! By sharing resources, businesses can significantly reduce overhead costs and allocate their budget more efficiently.

Here is one example of how much a Private Office at Ossining Riverworks can save you:


Riverworks was designed with productivity and convenience in mind. In our historic home, we incorporated modern amenities such as well-equipped meeting rooms, private video enabled spaces, comfortable lounges, outdoor seating, printing and scanning, and secure access. Additionally, perks like refreshments, event space options, and recreational areas contribute to a healthy and inspiring work environment.

locally roasted coffee
local vendors and special surprises
small conference room


Riverworks was created to foster a vibrant and diverse community of professionals from various industries and backgrounds. This dynamic environment creates opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. By working alongside each other, businesses can form valuable connections, gain new perspectives, and even discover potential clients or partners.

Community also brings about a sense of belonging, which can enhance motivation, foster creativity, and combat the feelings of isolation.

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